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Jan 21, 2012 at 04:53 AM

create multiple idoc with multiple receivers based on value mapping table




Step1 : sender sends a finance doc iin the form of an idoc. This idoc will have multiple line items based on profit center. Do determine the value of receiving comp code(header field) n receiving system(logical sys name) value mapping table has to be used.

Solution so far: I can put an rfc lookup for fetching receiving comp code from mapping table with i/p paraameter as profit center . And split the incoming idoc based on comp code value by using split by value. Now I need your advise 2 take this further.

Issue 1 : say the incoming idoc has 4 line seg wid 4 diff profit center

Profit center. Rec comp code. Recv sys

P1. C1. R1

P2. C2. R1

PS. C2. R1

P3. C3. R2

Nw using this info, I want 3 diff idocs to be created for each unique comp code.

Idoc 1 : for C1 wid one line item + 1 for reconsilation ( to be generated additionally)

Idoc2 : for C2 wid 2 line items + 1 for reconsilation

Idoc 3: for C3 wid 1 line item + 1 for reconsilation

Idoc 1 and idoc 2 shud be sent to R1.

Idoc 3 shud be sent to R2.

Kindly advise on this