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Jan 20, 2012 at 07:11 PM

Fixed width AFP framework page


Hi All,

I am trying to modify the AFP layout war file to restrict the width of the AFP framework page to 1040 px. I have downloaded the war file and imported into NWDS and started seeing lot of errors in /com.dc.portal.navigation.afp.layout/WebContent/WEB-INF/jsp/afpFrameworkLayout.jsp, can anyone help me how to resolve these errors? I know that I have to find the respective jar files for following import errors and add to my project. I've no clue on how to find the JAR files required for following import errors.

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="lyt" %>

<%@ page import="com.sapportals.portal.pb.layout.taglib.variabledef.RunMode" %>

<%@ page import="com.sapportals.portal.prt.resource.IResource" %>

<%@ page import="com.sapportals.portal.useragent.IUserAgent" %>

<%@ page import="com.sapportals.portal.useragent.IUserAgentConstants" %>

<%@ page import="com.sapportals.portal.navigation.POMInspector" %>

<%@ page import="" %>

<%@ page import="com.sapportals.portal.navigation.NavigationEventsHelperService"%>

<%@ page import="com.sapportals.portal.navigation.fpm.util.AFPPhaseConfiguration"%>

<%@ page import="com.sapportals.portal.navigation.INavigationConstants"%>

Please help me locate the necessary JARs for above imports.