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Jan 20, 2012 at 06:53 PM

Outgoing Payments not populating any invoices for a vendor


It seems I have an issue with Outgoing Payments after the turn of the fiscal year.

I have vendors that have invoices due this month and when I enter their vendor code in Outgoing payments, none of the invoices appear. Here are the things I verified:

All invoices have NO payment block checked - this is good

All posting periods have the correct dates for all periods - including doc dates and due dates

No periods are closed, I tried both closing period and unlocked as options

Payment methods are correct including banking info

The fiscal year is properly set in GL determination

I have upgraded to 8.81 p09 to see if this was a patch issue

Payment wizard does not even pull these vendors, though it does pull some and those all are due dates of earlier than Dec 2011

I have tried changing the due dates to be Nov 2011on the invoice, but it still will not show the vendors in outgoing payments

Nothing shows in the payment wizard for Non-incl. transactions

Authorizations are correct and I am signing on using a manager log on w pro license

This issue was not present until Jan 2012, all invoices were entered in Dec 2011

Are there any other areas I am missing to look? Is there something in the tables that would flag these invoices to not show?

Any idea what I can do?? HELP!!

Edited by: Joanne Pencola on Jan 20, 2012 1:54 PM