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Jan 20, 2012 at 08:09 AM

Cancelling Document number


Dear Expert,

Transfer Posting was posted to the System SAP and also print out the document number within material code and quantity. however, some mistake will be occurred during posting, i had posted two material codes but when i canceled one material code in the same document number, the SAP created a new material code but i still print out the old document number within two material indeed.


Transfer Posting Document Number:

4900000123 has:

Material Code A----

2 Unit

Material Code B----

3 Unit

after i cancelled

4900000124 has

Material Code A----

2 Unit

I print the document number 4900000123 again, two material codes still show up.

So, how can i block after cancelling one material code from one document number.

Any suggestion?

Please give me your idea may you have?

Best regard,