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Jan 20, 2012 at 07:07 AM

Access Control 10 Maintaining Trigger value in BRF+


Hi experts,

I got stuck while maintaining decision table.

While maintaining the Initiator rule, For Table setting, in condition column added REQTYPE (checked mandatory) AND EMPTYPE (Employee Type already defined Business/Support/Audit) (checked mandatory)

In Result Columns, there automatically come two columns LINE_ITEM_KEY and RULE_RESULT.

Result Data Object - Return an initial value if no match is found. (Tick)

In our Business scenario, Different Condition will be maintained with the combination of REQTYPE and EMPTYPE.

E.g. Reqtype New Account and Emptype Business - Path1 Reqtype Change Account and Emptype Business - Path2 Reqtype New Account and Emptype Support - Path3 Reqtype Change Account and Emptype Support - Path4 Likewise

Maintained these values in these two columns (Reqtype and Emptype respectively) and in Line_item_key maintained ITEMNUM.

In the Trigr Val (Rule_result) column I have provided different path for different condition in table content manually, but how it will trigger the specific path (how it will understand that it is a path)? But how to define/maintain Rule_Result? Please help me. I appreciate your help.