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Jan 20, 2012 at 05:15 AM

Changing details in Service PO


In a Service PO, the problem I am facing is that entering in Purchase Order "Item Category in Purchasing Document" (column I) the value D (services) automatically declares the unit in terms of AU (Activity Unit). Hence, when I go for the output (print preview) it gives a weird Quantity of 1 AU no matter the service was measured in terms of, fee charged per liter or per tank or per day etc. This obviously is not good but my supervisor thinks it is a lot of work.

If I want the quantity to appear as it appears in the Service Item, all I need to do is get the unit from that field right? Hence the form only requires changing of field from qty in the header to the qty in the item?

Replacing MEPO1211-EPSTP with ESLL-MEINS in however the code for forms (i.e. output for print) is written should do the trick right? I want to be sure about the way to go about it to discuss this with my supervisor.