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Jan 19, 2012 at 12:07 PM

Returnable Packing report in MM


Dear SD Experts,

I am not a MM Consultant, so please help me. Here is my requirment.

I sale Gas such as Oxygen in cylinders. I sale oxygen to a Customers in 5 cylinders. Each cylinder has unique number.

Now when I post goods issue I mention the Oxygen Gas quantity and as well as Cylinders quantity.


Oxygen M:aterial No:- OXY10001 - 500 Kg.

Cylinders material No:- CY1003 ( Each cylinder has unique Numer say 1312, 1313,1314,1315,1316).

My requirement is is there any standard report in SAP MM which gives me output as the list of all the customers which had been sent this cylinder 1312 in past. or Cylinder 1312 is with which cutomer.

Also when a Post goods issue is done is there any field where we enter cyclinder numbers 1312, 1313,1314,1315,1316.

Hope I have cleared my requirement.

With Warm Regards

Mangesh Pande