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Jan 19, 2012 at 10:12 AM

Seeburger EDI Text to EDI XML conversion failure should throw an error



I am expecting an error message to be thrown when EDI Text to EDI XML conversion fails at Message splitter of Seeburger module. I am getting the following error in the log.

"2012-01-19T01:46:08.032-0800 ERROR [Error:ID=2150;LEVEL=3] counter value (41) of incoming field (UNB.UNH.UNT:0074) doesnt match the calculated value (39).

DESCRIPTION: Either the counter value is not filled in the source file or the counter field value is wrong. "

But my expectation is that the channel should show some error in Adapter Engine monitoring itself. As shown below, it is just showing some warning that because of above error, it is not creating the attachment. Now I am expecting the the following warning to be an error rather than just warning. Please let me know if any idea on the same.

19.01.2012 01:46:08 Information SEEBURGER/MESSAGESPLITTER: Trying to establish CCI Connection to Message Splitter Adapter

19.01.2012 01:46:08 Information SEEBURGER/MESSAGESPLITTER: Creating CCI Interaction

19.01.2012 01:46:08 Warning SEEBURGER/MESSAGESPLITTER: There is no attachment to split. So there is nothing to do.

19.01.2012 01:46:08 Information SEEBURGER/MESSAGESPLITTER: Finished splitting!