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Jan 19, 2012 at 09:45 AM

Tasks by "member events" are not triggered


Environment: SAP NetWeaver IdM 7.2 SP3

Hi All,

I've got a serious problem with member events kicking off provisioning tasks. In my setup there is a privilege called PRIV:UME:USERACCOUNT which triggers the task "Create UME user" when it gets assigned to a user. When this event happens for the first time, the mentioned task is triggered, and the user will be tried to be synchronized to UME. However, if there is a problem with the task "Create UME user" and the user is not synchronized, then assigning the privilege to the user again (and of course after fixing the problem in the provisioning task) does not trigger the "Create UME user" task again. By this second trial nothing can be seen in the logs, it's like the user would be flagged as "a problematic one" and therefore not synchronized never again.

When I delete and recreate the mentioned user, and assign to him the privilege again, then the task is triggered again, and the user gets created in UME...

Any thoughts on this? How can we synchronize users which failed earlier?

Kind regards,

Zoltan Kormany

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