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May 01, 2005 at 01:23 PM

attaching an image to an FI and MM invoice


Hi 2 all SAP gurus,

I've successfully posted an invoice to SAP MM over the

IncommingInvoice.CreateFromDat­a BAPI (yeah! :-). Now, I need to store the image as well. I've done lots of reading, and I'm becoming really depressed as I'm still not sure what shall I do (which BAPI shall I call).

All I need is saving an image file that represents an invoice (a local TIFF file) into the SAP archiving system (that has been previously properly integrated with SAP and customized) and linking it to the invoice document already parked. If necessary, I may switch the order

of the operations (first saving the image, then parking).

I've managed to perform the operation manually (using the SAP GUI), but I'm not succeeding in finding the proper BAPI.

Any help will be highly appreciated.