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SAPJVM Installation for SAP environments

Hi !

I can't seem to find any information on the installation of SAP JVM in a SAP environment. Now I don't need to be told how to install it in Linux, that I already know.

Is there a preferred way or documentation/note that I'm not aware of on how to install it for SAP ? If there isn't there should be, otherwise there is no standard for support purposes or does SAP not really care where you install it as long as your environment is setup correctly ? which case I would install it like any Sun JDK.



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2 Answers

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    Posted on Jan 19, 2012 at 11:37 AM


    You may find following document links useful:

    1) --> SAP JVM Switch Tool --> Guide corresponding to your platform

    This guide provides step by step procedure.

    Also following notes will be useful regarding SAP JVM:

    Note 1665953 - SAP JVM Switch Tool Composite Note

    Note 1495160 - SAP JVM as replacement for Partner JDKs 1.4.2

    Note 1603093 - SAP JVM 4.1 parameters NetWeaver 2004 and 7.0

    Note 1367498 - SAP JVM installation prerequisites

    Hope this helps you.


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  • Posted on Jan 27, 2012 at 07:27 AM

    I'm not happy with how SAP has implemented their own JVM and hopefully we will see improvements in the near future..

    • None of the above notes or documentation, including the Linux distribution installation notes give instructions or a standard on installing the SAP JVM as there was with the "soon to be obsolete" IBM/Oracle JDK's. It is not difficult to add an installation script to the SAP JVM to detect the distribution and install it in a specific manner or location.

    • More annoyingly - I have just completed a Solution Manager 7.1 installation where they explicitly give you the option to use the SAP JVM during the install but the installation fails because when it comes to starting the JAVA Engine it has been configured with the IBM JDK incompatible parameters. I find this totally unnecessary, if the install allows you to select the SAP JVM it should use the SAP JVM parameters ..perhaps someone can explain this one to me. For those who run into this issue, you will have to use configtool to change the parameters according to note 1603093 before you can continue the installation and complete it successfully.

    Marking post as answered but you are welcome to comment.



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    • Hi Alan,

      I installed the SAP JVM 4.1 to the same location on my Suse Linux server as the the IBM JVM would install: /usr/lib64/jvm then in that directory I created a symlink sapjvm_4 to the directory which is the version of the JVM. In my case sapjvm_4.1.016. I then set my JAVA_HOME environment variable to /usr/lib64/jvm/sap_jvm4. This allows me to easily upgrade it in future.

      The diagnostics agent for SM 7.1 uses SAP JVM 6 which it will install automatically for you.

      When the install gets to the stage of trying to start the j2ee server it fails but you can simply then exit the install, apply the parameters as per note 1603093 using the configtool and then start the install again and continue(do not reset it).

      The advice Vijay gave applies only if you are upgrading an existing JVM and you certainly don't want to replace your JVM 6 with JVM 4 as that wouldn't work with the latest diagnostics agent. So to clarify, you need SAP JVM 6 for the diagnostics agent and you need SAP JVM 4 for the JAVA Server in SM 7.1

      Hope that helps.