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Jan 19, 2012 at 06:15 AM

Request for the authorizing of Tcode


One of our user has requested for the authorizing of following Tcode.Can some one guide me what are the Dou2019s & Dontu2019s with respect to these T_Codes authorizing to a user?

MCTA SIS: Customer Analysis - Selection

MCTC SIS: Material Analysis - Selection

MCTE SIS: Sales Org. Analysis - Selection

MCTK SIS: Shipping Pt. Analysis Selection

MCTI SIS: Sales Empl. Analysis Selection

MCTG SIS: Sales Office Analysis Selection

MC(B SIS: Variant Configuration

MCYI Exception Analysis: SIS

MCTV01 - Sales activities

MCTV02 - Sales promotions

MCTV03 - Address list

MCTV04 - Address counter

MCTV05 - Customer potential

MCKH - General overview

MCV5 - Price list

MCV6 - Individual prices

MCV7 - Price groups

MCV8 - Material/material group

/DSD/VC_VL u2013 Maintain

/DSD/VC_VL_VIEW - Display