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Jan 19, 2012 at 06:04 AM

Problem in calculating Excise non deductable for MM?



I have set up the JMO2, JAO2 and JSO2 for Excise non deductable for the procedure TAXINJ. Maintained the conditions as 100% and assign the % in J1ID.

When assigned the tax code in P.O. then

1) JMO2 - 0% and 0 Amount in Condition Value

2) JAO2 - 5% and 0 Amount in Condition Value

3) JSO2 - 4% and 0 Amount in Condition Value

Why system is not picking up the JMO2 % if picking for JAO2 and JSO2 and what shall I do to get all the values so that I can proceed further?

I have checked everthing as per me but still system is not calculating the tax.

This is what I have mentioned in the procedure:

231 0 JMO2 A/P BED for Non Ded. 100 362 NVV

232 0 JAO2 A/P AED for Non Ded. 100 365 NVV

233 0 JSO2 A/P SED for Non Ded. 100 369 NVV

Thanks and Regards