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Jan 19, 2012 at 02:32 AM

Drop-down filed: System is not giving chance to user to keep it as blank!



I am developing interactive form, where in we have a bunch of drop-down fields, i have created them by dragging Enumarated Drop-down (no select) item from WebDynPro Native section of palatte and dropped on my_form, fine.

This my_form will be launched from my_WDA (webdynpro application)

I am filling these drop-down field's list from my_WDA. Say the list contain 3 entries like entry_1, entry_2 and entry_3

When i executed it (my_WDA) from SE80 my_form is launching on the browser and i saw the drop-down fields with out any populating the value(blank) on the form.

If i drop-down the list then i can see all entrires (entry_1, entry_2 and entry_3), fine

Issue is: Say, by mistake user has selected entry_2, hence the entry_2 is populated on that drop-down field, fine....but after couple of seconds user has realised that, its a mistake and user want to keep that drop-down field as is (meaning, blank), but, there is no chance! Once dropped down the list, user invariably has to select any one of entry from the list! There is no chance of keeping the drop-down field as blank!

Pls. let me know how can i fix my issue ( i passed an INITIAL entry along with other 3 enties: entry_1, entry_2 and entry_3? so total 4) but no USE?

Passing INITIAL entry has not worked! bcz adobe is deleting this INITAIL entry from the list

Is there any standard/good practice to achieve my requirement?

Thank you