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Jan 18, 2012 at 10:30 PM

Call webdynpro from dynpro


We received a requirement in which we need to call an existing webdynpro ABAP application from a list in an existing dynpro. Once the user is finished working with the webdynpro, the list should be shown again and it should be in the same state as before the webdynpro was launched. We imagined that this could be accomplished by either running the webdynpro full-screen or in a pop-up. In case of a pop-up, users should not be able to change the selected line in the list, preferably by using a modal pop-up window.

We have had a look at:

Running a Webdynpro from SAPGui

This was our first though and provides all the things we need, the biggest problem here is that it is not supported according to SAP Note 989286. Unfortunately, the note isn't very specific about what exactly is not supported. And although and we don't intend to share LUW between the Dynpro and Webdynpro and the activities in the webdynpro won't affect the data displayed in the dynpro, we are not sure if that would lead to a supported solution.

Rolling out NWBC for all user tasks

This is not preferred as we really donu2019t want our relatively small project to be the reason for a complete transition to NWBC. However, if it can solve this issue, it might still be an option for a selected number of users. In our efforts to find a solution, we only managed to call the webdynpro in a completley new NWBC session, but this might be our inexperience with NWBC. The calls were made by cl_nwbc->launch_url(). The bigger problem is that the new window showing the webdynpro isn't modal.

Calling NWBC for Webdynpro from SAPGUI, so NWBC will only be used for our Webdynpro solution

This works fine functionality wise. Preferably we would have called an app window, but this opens a main window anyway. Unfortunately, we can't get NWBC to run modal again.

We're quite desperate for a solution. Any feedback is more than welcome!