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Jan 18, 2012 at 06:05 PM

Business Objects SAP Transports overwrite the BW 7.3 Upgrade Crystal Object


Hello All,

We recently Upgraded our BW environment to 7.3 from 7.0 NW. And we also implemented BI 4.0 SP2, and as part of Integrating BI with BW put in 8 SAP transports which I have listed below. After the 7.3 upgrade to BW we were asked to put in SP5 and then the SPAU comes back with a conflict with one of the BI transports. After doing a compare it seems the CRYSTAL namespace is now part of 7.3 and these BI transports for SAP were created in 2005, so by putting these transports in (for BI to BW connectivity) we have overwrtten some 7.3 code?

My question is do we have a new set of transports for BI to BW 7.3 connectivity? I couldn't find any such in the installation guide or OSS notes for BI

R21K900732 JJI Business Objects OpenSQL reporting obj

R21K900688 JJI Business Objects InfoSet reporting obj

R21K900689 JJI Business Objects Row Level Security To

R21K900690 JJI Business Objects Cluster Definition Ed

R21K900691 JJI Business Objects Security functions. U

R21K900722 JJI Business Objects Content Administratio

R21K900705 JJI Business Objects Personalization objec

R21K900695 JJI Business Objects ODS driver

R72K900047 ADMIN Business Objects BW MDX Driver