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Jan 18, 2012 at 01:45 PM

HR - filtering structural profiles OOSP


Hi all,

using structural profiles (OOSP/OOSB) with the "context solution", we need to limit a manager since he should not be able to manage all CIDs above his organization unit in OM Structure.

When we assign to him a structural profile with RH_GET_MANAGER_ASSIGNMENT function, he is authorized to all CIDs above him (accordling with P_ORGIN and P_ORGINCON authorizations).

We want (as final result) to "substract" from the structural profiles output a little set of CIDs. In other words, the structural profile returns a set of O, S and P objects. We want to delete from the output list some CIDs (P IDs).

We are in a loop.

If we develop a custom function like RH_GET_MANAGER_ASSIGNMENT, it delivers some objects which will be used as input for the structural profile.

Is there a way to modify the logic of structural profiles (or a solution to our goal) ?