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Jan 18, 2012 at 01:03 PM

4 rows - suppress on 3 dimensions - but not last



i'm challenged with an issue, I can't solve.

The case is that I have 4 dimensions in my input template

1. Dimension = profitcenter (10000 members)

2. Dimension = Customer (10000 members)

3. Dimension = Material (10000 members)

4. dimension = account (50 members).

We load a precalculated forecast by profitcenter, customer, material and account. The preloaded data only contains movements on 4 account.

In the input template I want to see ALL 50 accounts pr combination of profitcenter/customer/material. The user selects a parent in the profitcenter hierarchy and wants to see all ACTIVE combinations of customer/material within his profitcenters.

If I use supress on row 1-3 - this should give me all active combinations of profitcenter/customer/material - but I will ONLY show the 4 account with data.. Not the all the 50 accounts.

Why is it not showing all 50 accounts ?? I do not have suppress on account (row 4) ...

If i dont use suppress. the template will generate

number of profitcenter X number of customers X number of materials X number of accounts.....

Thank you,