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Apr 29, 2005 at 04:34 PM

Problem in using OCX in VB.Net - error information "Bad variant type"



I'm using OCX components in VB.Net,to connect to SAP and call BAPIs or ABAP functions,just like in VB(because I don't know how to use .Net Connect).Now I have the problems as described following:

When I test my project in a VB.Net windows form,it works very well.The test code(test no.1):

<b> Dim ojob As SAPJobInventory

ojob = New SAPJobInventory


But when I create a new thread to run this code,the error occurs.The test code(test no.2):

<b> Dim ojob As SAPJobInventory

Dim othr As ThreadStart, o As Thread

ojob = New SAPJobInventory

othr = New ThreadStart(AddressOf ojob.Start)

o = New Thread(othr)


The error raised at the second line in the code below:

<b>oSAPFunction = CreateObject("SAP.Functions")

oSAPFunction.Connection = oSAPConnection</b>

I have set logon parameters to oSAPConnection and call the Logon method successfully,and <b>the same code excecute correctly in test No.1,but error in test No.2</b>

The detail error message is:


err.Description:Bad variant type


Could anybody have any ideas about it,or have ever met the problem just like so,or could give me some suggestions?

Thanks very much!

Best Regards.


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