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Jan 18, 2012 at 10:56 AM

Limit Notification Types / Order Types in dropdown lists



My client has a business rule that says that only certain Order Types can be created for certain Notification types. There is not a 1:1 relationship for all Notification Types to Order Types, for example:

  • Z1 Notification can have PM02, PM05 and PM06 Order Types

  • Z2 Notification can have PM03 Order Type

Is there a way of limiting the values in the dropdown lists based on the Notification or Order Type that you are currently busy with? So for example if you're busy in IW21 and you have created a Z1 Notification... if you then click on the create Order button, it would then only show you PM02, PM05 and PM06 Order Types, as opposed to all available Maintenance Order Types.

The "Assign Notification Types to Order Types" config is set up with the default Order Types for Notifications. I can however not set the Order Type field (RIWO00-AUART) to display only, as this would prevent the user from selecting the Order Type where there is a 1:N relationship.

The same question applies for the scenario where you are in the Maintenance Order and click the Create Notification button.