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Jan 18, 2012 at 09:06 AM

HR Structural profile assigned in exclusion and P_ORGINCON


Hi all,

in our conpany there are persons with more than one position (using the percentage allocation) in the OM structure

A manager must be able to see a specific set of infotypes of all CIDs above his OM structure but only if a CID is assigned more than 51% above him.

If a CID is out of his structure (but he is allocated above him less than 51%), he should be able to see only infotypes 0001 and 0002.

We are trying to use the exclusion concept available in the OOSB transaction.

Our idea is:

1) we assign a structural profiles to the manager with P_ORGINCON in order to see all persons above him (for specific infotypes)

2) we crate a custom FUNCTION to be used in a structural profile in order to gather all CIDs above him but with a percentage lower than 51%

3) we assign to the manager a second structural profile in exclusion mode and a role with with a P_ORGINCON in order to exclude some infotypes.

Is it possible to exclude som CIDs but only for specific infotypes.

In othe words, it is possibile to assign a structural profile to a user in exclusion mode and use this structural profile with a P_ORGINCON in order to exclude some inforypes ?

It seems that when a CID is excluded with a structural profile in the OOSB, this CID cannot be more managed with P_ORGINCON.