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QM inspection for movement 321 and 322

Dear guru,

Presently there is one new requirement from our business wanting us to create an inspection type that will allow for users to use movement type 321 & 322 through MIGO.

Because the standard SAP setup (i.e. SPRO  QM  Quality Inspection  Inspection Lot Creation  Inspection for Goods Movement) for movement type 321 and 322 are not tied to any inspection lot origin, further, if I will to use u201Dcopy..asu201D method or hit create New method, the inspection lot origin field box is grey out and not allow input of inspection lot origin.

May I know how to resolve this issue? Or 321 and 322 should not involve QM? or other?



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2 Answers

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    Posted on Jan 18, 2012 at 09:03 AM

    HI Tuffy,

    I really couldn't undestand what exactly your requirement is & want to achieve... 😔

    But to give you heads up, any time you move goods from Quality Stock to Un-restricted Stock by posting Usage Decision, system posts movement type-321.

    FOr example: Goods from supplier are posted to QI stock with inspection lot of type-01 and when you post UD (after Result Recording & etc.), system will post 321 movement & stock will be moved from QI to Un-restricted one.

    Hope it will help you...



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    • Dear Tuffy,

      1.If you want new Inspection lot on Reversal; Document reversal is not the solution.

      2. Inspection type 08 is for Material Movement, Means whenever you use any Movement type for which "QM not Active" is not flagged in below mentioned path, you will get an inspection lot of Inspection type 08.

      Here, you do not assign inspection lot origin to any movement type, In standard, 08 is already assigned.

      Check: QCC0>Quality inspection>Inspection lot creation>Inspection for Goods Movement> Deactivate Quality Inspection for a Movement Type

      Now, if you want inspection lot for 322, check whether you can use MB1B.

      For 321, i am agree with FF, but for 322 i am able to do transfer in my system.

      Comments from FF are welcome...

      not sure but; System might not allow it, in case if QI stock is not Empty for Serial number managed materials. (Will have to confirm this)

      Its better, You try it in your System.

      3. To assign inspection type 08, go to QM material master, you can assign inspection type in Inspection setup.



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  • Posted on Jan 20, 2012 at 05:22 AM


    What I have understood is, I try to re quote the same.

    1. Your declare production and stock goes to quality inspection with 04 inspection type

    2. You clear this inspection lot and post the stock to unrestricted use through QA32 / QA12

    3. Now you want to reverse the production movement.

    4. System doesnu2019t allow you to reverse this and throws error as u201CDeficit of stock in qualityu201D

    5. If you try to cancel 321 material document system throws error as u201CMaterial document cannot be processedu201D

    If above is the scenario then perhaps you have following 2 options

    1. Document specific reversal

    a. You need to implement SAP Note 175842

    b. As a result of which you get a program in system, give inspection lot as reference.

    c. System reverses the stock and posts back to quality inspection

    d. Now if you try to cancel 101 material document (production reversal) through MBST, system will allow you.

    2. Without document specific

    a. Go to MB31

    b. Input production order and opt for 102 movement.

    c. Enter

    d. Select the stock type as unrestricted. (default it would be X i.e. quality inspection)

    Under ideal circumstances the need to use any of above options shouldnu2019t arise. If requirement is the production reversal, I think to stop inspection lot creation or use of MIGO / MB1B would not work as this eliminates the utilization of QM module.


    Anand Rao

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