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Jan 18, 2012 at 07:31 AM

Maximum File name length in a DIR in AL11



what is the MAximum lenght of a File name in TCODE AL11.

i have a program which upload data in AL11 in a Directory but some of the File name get truncated like mention below as I Am using the FM FILE_GET_NAME to get the File name.

Also I am Converting them first to PDF format and uploading them in the directiry, but some file name gets trucated.

12/09/2011 02:31:35 Administ 115,776 5804000041_20100510_IT00739320158_COATESLORILLEUXMüREKKEP.P

12/12/2011 04:53:18 Administ 115,776 5804000041_IT00739320158_COATES LORILLEUX MüREKKEP.P

12/12/2011 04:54:37 Administ 115,776 5804000042_20100510_IT00739320158_COATES LORILLEUX MüREKKEP.P

And i need the extensionn .PDF as it is required. Kindly Help


Solanki Ritesh