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Jan 17, 2012 at 11:12 PM

Failed to open the connection - database vendor code 17


I'm upgrading a Windows Forms application from 1.1 to 4.0. In the reporting form, the list of reports you can choose are pulled from a folder where the .rpt files reside. Once the user chooses a report and executes it, vb code populates the current database connection information and displays the report in the report viewer control.

The following things are true:

- Version 1.1 works on my systems and my customers systems

- The code has not been changed, except that it now targets .Net 4.0 instead of 1.1

- The exact same .rpt files are being used

- Version 4.0 connects to the same database my customer is using, and I can run the reports just fine from here.

- Version 4.0 is able to connect to the database just fine from my customers systems (using the same connection information provided to the report)

- My customer installed this:

The only problem is that my customer encounters this error when trying to run any report from his systems:

Failed to open the connection.

Details: Database Vendor Code: 17

Failed to open the connection.

Orders.BOL.TaskDetail {393C9017-0ED1-4E1E-8824-E222F4B9D14C}.rpt

Details: Database Vendor Code: 17

I read all of the articles I could find, and they either don't describe this exact situation, or there is insufficient information for troubleshooting this issue. Are there steps that I've missed to make Crystal Reports for VS2010 work on my customer's systems?

Your help is appreciated,