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Jan 17, 2012 at 08:41 PM

supress non-authorized values in user exit i_step =2


Hi people,

In our BW authorization model (BW release 7.3) we make use of RSECADMIN variables that are called in user exit I_step=0. This is working fine.

An additional requirement we have is the following: when the user selects a value (within his authorization range) from the query variable screen, we want to automatically add new values based on this initial selection. Thes values are derived in user exit I_step =2.

The problem now is that when running the report, the system raises an authorization message whenever the calculated values (i_step=2) are exceding the range of authorized values (i_step=0), while we expected (or hoped) that the non-authorized values would be automatically suppressed in the report.

If this is not possible in standard SAP, an alternative would be that we build in an extra check on the calculatedl values (i-step=2) which compares them against the authorized values (I_step=0).

To build such a check, of course we want to make use of standard SAP building blocks as much as possible.

Could any one tell us what SAP classes or programs we can use to obtain the set of authorized values for a user?

Many thanks

Gi Caers