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Jan 17, 2012 at 07:05 PM

Performance Issue with RF Scanners after SAP Enhancement Pack 5 Upgrade


We are on component version SAP ECC 6.0, and recently upgraded to Enhancement Pack 5. I believe we are on Net Weaver 7.10, and using RF scanners in one plant that is Warehouse Managed. Evidentially when we moved to EHP5, the Web SAP Console went away and we are left with ITS Mobile. This has created several issues and continues to be a performance barrier for the forklift drivers in the warehouse. We see there is a high use of java script, and the processors canu2019t handle this. When we login to tcode LM00, on a laptop or desktop computer, there are no performance issues. When we login to tcode LM00, with the RF scanners, the system is very slow. It might take 30 seconds to confirm one item on a WM Transfer Order.

1.) Can we revert back to Web SAP Console, after we have upgraded to EHP5?

2.) What is creating the performance issues with the RF Scanners now that we switched over to SAP ITS mobile?

Our RF Scanners are made by Intermec, but I donu2019t think that is where the solution lies. One person in our IT Operations has spent a good deal of time configuring SAPITS to get it to work, but still it isnu2019t performing.