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Jan 17, 2012 at 05:06 PM

incident management team determination Ib52 or PFAC?



For solution manager 7.1 incidenent management, is the team determination carried out by Ibase (partner) of by rule PFAC\13220137? In IB52, we can set up the partner for contact person and service employee group...if I have the ibase setup, is that meaning when I create a support message, the message should bind with the corresponding partner alrready, such as contact person, service employee group? I can not see the binding when I create message in satellite system and view it in workcenter. If I use PFAC for rule 1322037, can I decide the determination rule based on my sap system? for example, if my ERP system is ER1 and put the ER1 in to the field of "SAP system" or this has to done in componenet level. I am currently following the guide a"pplication incident management - configuration and upgrade guide sap solution manager 7.1 sps 01"

But it seems 7.1 is quite different compared with the previous version. Thanks advance for your help.