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Jan 17, 2012 at 02:48 PM

500 Dispatching Error only in Firefox for PPM application


Hi Portal gurus,

We are on NW portal 7.3 SPS02 and NW 702 SPS06 as backend system. We deployed PPM 5.0 on NW 702 but since the PPM business package for NW portal 7.3 is not yet available, we just deployed SP6 ERP common parts on portal 7.3 and created the required PPM portal content manually. All applications are working fine in IE but have an issue in Firefox

When we click on portifolio details button in portifolio structure screen in portal, the portifolio details (or search details for search button) should open in a new popup window. This works fine in IE but in Firefox (all versions) we get the following error

500 Dispatching Error

Error: -26

Version: 7200

Component: HTTP_ROUTE

Date/Time: Fri Jan 13 18:22:16 2012

Module: http_route.c

Line: 3360

Server: (ND 702 server id)

Error Tag:

Detail: no valid destination server available for '!ALL' rc=4

It is looking for "" in NW702 backend system and failing. In IE it looks for "" in NW portal system and works fine.

If I open the portfolio structure iView, in firefox, in preview mode and then click on porfolio details( or search button), the popup comes correctly.

Any one has any idea why this error comes only in firefox for popup screen?

Thanks for any help