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Apr 29, 2005 at 08:59 AM

IBAN maintenance in Z* table


Hi everyone,

I'm sure you faced this issue before, but I searched the Forum and found nothing 😔

The point is: I have created a Z* table with its maintenance view, which stores some (national) bank accounts. Now I would like to take some advantage of the IBAN-functionality that SAP provides. So I thought to create a new column in the table control (as a pushbutton), just like tx FK02 does.

It works fine when I want to read the DB so as to know if the IBAN is already stored, and then I update the icon in the pushbutton (you know: ICON_ENTER_MORE and ICON_DISPLAY_MORE). When you push this button, I call FM 'MAINTAIN_IBAN_DIAL', and that shows the IBAN info (if any).

But the problem is this one: imagine I pushed the button for a national bank account which does not yet have an IBAN code. So I show the IBAN popup (with no data). Now the user enters the IBAN code and presses ENTER. Well, I cannot manage how I am supposed to tell the maintenance view to update the data, 'cause if I try to save the entries, SAP shows the message (SV)043 "Data already saved", and the IBAN info is not inserted/updated into the DB.

Any ideas? Thanks very much in advance. BR,