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EPM Dynamic member selection based on a property value

Dec 22, 2016 at 05:14 PM


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Hi Experts, please could I ask your advice in achieving the following format

I need to make an EPM input schedule which has ACCOUNT and FLOW in the rows and TIME in columns. In the ACCOUNT dimension, I have a property called FLOW to which I have required the property values which I would like to have as FLOW members coming out dynamically in rows. I am able to have a single flow presented on a report if the property value in the FLOW property in the ACCOUNT dimension is say 121 but I cannot seem to be able to extract out the flows if I have a property value of more than one flow e.g. 121,130,150,170,181 please see diagram below?

thanks Colin

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Is the relationship many to many or one to many for Account, Flow?


It's absolutely clear from the screenshot - FLOW 150 is used for both accounts...


I was asking w.r.t to Account...bcoz Same account no is shown....20000100? can be copy paste issue...Which is why I asked.


Anyway in the real life the relation between account and flow is many to many :)


Hi, just to be clear for each ACCOUNT I have many flows...

Below is the ACCOUNT dimension where I know which flow I want to have associated with each account as it is in my property FLOW.

Here is the FLOW dimension

so when I have account 21000000 I need to see rows for flows :






How best to do this?


1aobf.png (65.9 kB)
xtec9.png (26.6 kB)

I have already answered your question! Have you read the link provided? No other solutions possible.

List of FLOW members in property can be used to prevent data entry in the restricted flows (using Excel validation rule) but not to have a list of flows for each account.


Hi Vadim, apologies, I did read your answer and perhaps I did not understand fully. My interpretation would be that I would have the ACCOUNT in column 1 and then in Column 2 I would get all the flows that are in the FLOW dimension where I only want to show selected flows probably 5 or 6 different flows. I am going to test and will come back to you. I appreciate your assistance.

kind regards



Account - Flow relationship is the same as relationship in the bill of materials.

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1 Answer

Vadim Kalinin Dec 22, 2016 at 05:27 PM

For sure "121,130,150,170,181" will not work! You are talking about many to many relationship between ACCOUNT and FLOW.

There are no builtin support of many to many relationship in BPC. Please look on some not elegant workaround here:

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