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Former Member
Apr 29, 2005 at 08:44 AM

Global Transport


Hi There,

I wonder, what will happen if I were to have the following situation.

I have to create new Infoareas, Infocatalogs and Application components where I have to collocate the BW objects existing in the production system.

Could you tell me if the reallocation of an infoprovider in a new Infoarea, or the reallocation of an infoobject in a new infocatalog, force me to transport the Infoprovider and the infobject too?

I think that many developers could have modified the object (Infoproviders, Infobjects, Data Source, etc) in the development environment, and I want avoid that their changement can overwrite the existing object in the destination system.

My goal is to have a more rational menu in the RSA1 screen, but The switch and drop in the production system is not allowed!