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Former Member
Jan 17, 2012 at 12:02 PM

Universe Connection not stable



I have been using Universe Designer(BOXI 3.1) and connect to an Oracle 11g DB. The issue is that the connection I have created is not stable. When I test the connection, it would show me "Server is responding!" and suddenly within a matter of few minutes it would again lose connection.

I have never seen any particular pattern in which is happens, but have done the following checks when the connection goes down:

- Connect and run a query from SQL developer - Runs fine and its quick as well!

- Monitor connection between the 2 servers - No packet drops!

- Monitor TNSPING to the DB server directly - that works fine too!

I have around 7-8 active universe's and they all contain the same Connection String as parameter. I have also tried creating different connection for different universe's but I think it hardly made a difference.

Any help would be really great.....thanks in advance.