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Jan 17, 2012 at 08:57 AM

Crystal Reports Visual Studio 2010 SP2 Fixed issues


Hi All,

Here is the list with fixed issues in Crystal Reports Visual Studio 2010 SP2

The following list with issues is fixed:

1566763 - CRVS2010 WPF Viewer error; "System.NullReferenceException was unhandled" PageControl.OnMouseMove

1540637 - Error: External component has thrown an exception. Launching the Database Expert in the embedded Crystal Reports designer in Visual Studio

1544675 - Error; 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' when using the CR WPF viewer in VS2010

1578823 - CRVS2010; "Load Report Failed" error when Report is open in any full version of the CR Designer

1638191 - Using RTL language (Arabic) the CR viewer Group Tree Panel does not display RTL

1631283 - Error; 'Failed to load database information' when reporting off of file system data

1553469 - How to enable Database logging in Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010

1299185 - Error: Operation not yet implemented or Failed to Export, when exporting a Crystal Reports to Text format

1451960 - Null or empty values are not surrounded with delimiter when exported to CSV format

1659185 - The special Crystal Reports field, 'File Name and Path' shows temp path and temp name when viewing a report

1452648 - Dynamic Cascading Parameter prompts two times when using the Crystal Reports in VS .NET

1580338 - When refreshing a report that contains a linked subreport report takes long time to execute

1659111 - GCHandle left in memory for each open and close of a Crystal Report in VS2010 application

1356672 - Crystal Reports special field "File Path and Name" displays incorrect information in a Visual Studio .NET application

1593658 - Impersonation of database Log On credentials failure in report generation when set at runtime in a .NET application

1661239 - Summary fields are converted to String fields

1661276 - Using the Crystal Reports SetTableLocation method in VS .NET causes long report processing delays

1661200 - Not able to copy text from report objects using the Crystal Reports WinForm viewer for VS .NET

1631722 - Date function in a Selection Formula is removed when running a report in a VS .NET application

1525822 - Exception "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." thrown when clicking on Parameter Panel button in Crystal Report .NET Windows Form Viewer

1603082 - Cross-tab background colors not retained when exporting a report to PDF format

1603154 - Shared variable display the incorrect value in Crystal Reports

1427747 - Why does a CR .NET SDK web app have problems running on IIS 7 in integrated pipeline mode?

1545536 - Alignment set to Justify causes broken underline

Source: Resolved Issues in Service Pack 2 for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010

With kind regards,

Pieter Jong

Crystal Advice