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Jan 17, 2012 at 08:36 AM

BPM sending messages to wrong inbound interfaces in PI and target system


Hi All,

i am doing File to proxy scenarion using bpm.i am receiving three files,two files splitting on based condition(location code) in receiver determination and sending to bpm(here one bpm receiving 3 files then it merges 3 files into one proact and some promo messages based promos in source file ,same in the second bpm with 2 files with different mapping,here target system is SAP APO SNC).i am doing testing now mapping and every thing is working fine.but first bpm sending messages(proact and promo messages) target sytem side (proact_in and promo_in)inbound inrefaces.if i am executing scenario both bpm sending (proact and promo) messaegs in target system its showing wrong bpm target system also we can check messgaes sxmb_moni.

ex:if first bpm A sending 1 proact and 2 promos,and second bpm B sending 1 proact and 2 promos to target system,but in target syetm its showing sender component as 1st bpm A for 3 promo messages(here B bpm messages sending with A bpm viceversa i did the configuration correctly) and for 1 its showing second bpm. please give me suggetions how to resolve this issue.