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Jan 17, 2012 at 07:08 AM

Opening a Portal page from UWL item's click



I have written a custom UWL connector that connects to 3rd party system to fetch tasks.

This custom connector has been registered with UWL and tasks from this 3rd party system are now appearing in my UWL.

The requirement is to open a Portal page on click of these UWL items.

That is, when user clicks on this custom UWL item, a Portal page should be opened in new window.

I tried setting item's executionURL to following (inside getItems() method of connector) : -



3. Set Quick link property of corresponding page and then set executionURL as: -

Issue being faced: -

When user clicks on this UWL item, it opens following URL which just displays blank portal page: -!3aportal_content!2fcom.mycompany.layout.PortalLayoutFolder!2fcom.mycompany.layout.DesktopFolder!2fmycompanyDesktop!2fframeworkPages!2fframeworkpage!!

Any idea what is going wrong here?

I am not able to figure out what & from where its preparing above URL instead of opening the URL that I specified in Connector's executionURL attribute.