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Dec 22, 2016 at 04:37 PM

Work Order Printing List OPK8 limitation


Hi Experts,

I want to print different lists in order of the DRUC-status in the work order.

I checked OPK8 and I think there is no customizing wich controls different list printouts per FAUF-status. My plan is to print with the first Original-FAUF LG03 all standard lists such as LG01, LG02, LV03 etc. (in my scenario these are Completion Message, Job Ticket and Document Links).

My Problem is, I didn't find a way to configure different list printouts when I have to reprint the LG03 because of a small change. I didnt need LV03 (the documents for example) but in List Control of CO02 it should be available for marking to reprint.

If the status from FAUF is in DRUC it should print different list control defaults so only LG03 is marked for printout.

In the Debugger I saw that there are the Customizing Tables with T496* are the background of OPK8-Customizing but there is no way to define different List Configurations. Did you have an idea how I can realize my wishes?

Best Regards