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Jan 17, 2012 at 02:02 AM

Products getting extended to Vendor location - Need to fix


Hello Experts,

We've a peculiar problem in the data that is getting CIF'd to APO. Following describes our data set up & then the problem we are having -

1. Our design is to have a Plant in the SAP system (locn type 1001) for each sub-contractor.

2. For each sub-con we also have a Vendor location (type 1011) maintained in SAP. Process is, when a Sales Order comes in a sub-con P Req is cut to the (sub-con) Vendor, who in turn gets the material from the "plant" & so on.

3. Now, when we are sending over Products to APO from ECC, some (few only) of the materials are getting extended to the sub-con vendor location there by causing Source of supply determination issues at the time of Order ATP (we use CTP process with Immediate Planning procedure)

Question - What causes few Products to get extended to the (subcon) Vendor location (in addition to his Plant)?? & how to fix this issue?

Any idea would be a big help