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The files are not importing into MDM table.How to find the error.

Hi Experts,

I am very new to MDM. The users are saying files are not getting imported into MDM table. I checked the log and find below error and message.

I am not sure what to check and how to resolved this error.

"--Import Exceptions: 0",Background_Thread@Unidentified,xImporter.cpp,349,,,,,,,,

2012-01-16T08:06:40.983,4524 ,24,"[MDS=sappm2s1 Repository=Cerebro_Business_Partner ClientSystem=CRM Port=CRM_BUSINESS_PARTNER_IN]: Port was skipped! RC: 0x8002000a Error moving file




2012-01-16T08:06:41.686,4564 ,23,"GetDecimalPlaces() invoked on an incompatible type: 34",Background_Thread@Unidentified,CommonFunctions.cpp,374,,,,,,,,

2012-01-16T08:06:41.686,4564 ,23,"GetDecimalPlaces() invoked on an incompatible type: 0",Background_Thread@Unidentified,CommonFunctions.cpp,374,,,,,,,,

2012-01-16T08:06:41.733,4564 ,23,"GetDecimalPlaces() invoked on an incompatible type: 34",Background_Thread@Unidentified,CommonFunctions.cpp,374,,,,,,,,

2012-01-16T08:06:41.733,4564 ,23,"GetDecimalPlaces() invoked on an incompatible type: 0",Background_Thread@Unidentified,CommonFunctions.cpp,374,,,,,,,,

2012-01-16T08:06:42.983,6848 ,23,"Import action:

--Skip: 0

--Create: 0

--Updated (NULL fields only): 0

--Updated (all mapped fields): 4

--Replace: 0

--Delete [destination]: 0

--Value Exceptions: 0

--Import Exceptions: 0",Background_Thread@Unidentified,xImporter.cpp,349,,,,,,,,

2012-01-16T08:06:43.671,4524 ,23,"[MDS=sappm2s1 Repository=Cerebro_Business_Partner ClientSystem=CRM Port=CRM_ADDRESSES_IN]: ImportTask: Task finished. Chunk size/parallel[2000/40]


2012-01-16T08:06:43.936,4524 ,23,"[MDS=sappm2s1 Repository=Cerebro_Business_Partner ClientSystem=CRM Port=CRM_BUSINESSPARTNER_WITHADDRESSES_IN]: ImportTask: Task started. Chunk size/parallel[2000/40]


2012-01-16T08:06:53.046,2652 ,23,"Import action:



> Stack Back Trace <----

1) mdis!A2i::Utf8::String::GetByteCount + 9 bytes

Source: utf-string.cpp ( Line: 1041 )

SFrame: IP:00000001406dc8a1 RA:00000001406de196 FP:000000000359a600 SP:000000000359a5e0

Params: 01:000000000359d458 02:000000000359d600 03:0000000000dbdd30 04:000000000359a730

2) mdis!A2i::Utf8::operator== + 26 bytes

Source: utf-string.cpp ( Line: 4261 )

SFrame: IP:00000001406de196 RA:0000000140022371 FP:000000000359a630 SP:000000000359a610

Params: 01:0000000000000000 02:000000000012cae0 03:000000000359a6b8 04:00000001407474d4

3) mdis!A2i::TaskManager::GetRepoIndex + 109 bytes

Source: taskmanager.cpp ( Line: 374 )

SFrame: IP:0000000140022371 RA:0000000140028f67 FP:000000000359a680 SP:000000000359a640

Params: 01:000000000012cae0 02:000000000000000f 03:00000000063500b0 04:000000014074595f

4) mdis!A2i::TaskManager::OnImportNotification + 79 bytes

Source: taskmanager.cpp ( Line: 319 )

SFrame: IP:0000000140028f67 RA:00000001403a747f FP:000000000359a720 SP:000000000359a690

Params: 01:0000000000000001 02:0000000000000000 03:00000000063500b0 04:000000000012cec8

5) mdis!A2i::Protocol::Client::NotificationBandHandler::Implement_HandleMessage + 323 bytes

Source: notificationbandhandler.cpp ( Line: 97 )

SFrame: IP:00000001403a747f RA:00000001403ab1c7 FP:000000000359a7e0 SP:000000000359a730

Params: 01:00000000361c3c40 02:0000000000000001 03:00000000361c3c40 04:0000000000000001

6) mdis!A2i::Protocol::Client::EventDispatcher::ExecuteWatchThread + 675 bytes

Source: eventdispatcher.cpp ( Line: 245 )

SFrame: IP:00000001403ab1c7 RA:00000001403ab389 FP:000000000359a8c0 SP:000000000359a7f0

Params: 01:000000000012cdc0 02:00000000126c4cc0 03:0000000000daa360 04:000000000012cdc0

7) mdis!A2i::Protocol::Client::EventDispatcher::StartWatchThread + 141 bytes

Source: eventdispatcher.cpp ( Line: 170 )

SFrame: IP:00000001403ab389 RA:0000000140748d31 FP:000000000359aa10 SP:000000000359a8d0

Params: 01:0000000000000000 02:0000000000000000 03:0000000000000000 04:0000000000000000

8) mdis!A2i::ThreadedOperation::ExecuteFunction + 69 bytes

Source: threadedoperation.cpp ( Line: 81 )

SFrame: IP:0000000140748d31 RA:000000014077b582 FP:000000000359d300 SP:000000000359aa20

Params: 01:0000000000bfe070 02:0000000000000000 03:0000000000df79a0 04:0000000000000000

9) mdis!A2i::PooledThread::PooledThreadFunction + 750 bytes

Source: pooledthread.cpp ( Line: 201 )

SFrame: IP:000000014077b582

Params: 01:0000000000bf40c0 02:0000000000bf40c0 03:0000000000000000 04:0000000140b3dc94

10) mdis!A2i::PooledThread::PooledThreadFunctionHelper + 9 bytes

Source: pooledthread.cpp ( Line: 96 )

SFrame: IP:000000014077b705 RA:0000000140b3dc7f FP:000000000359ff10 SP:000000000359fef0

Params: 01:0000000000000000 02:0000000000000000 03:0000000000000000 04:0000000000000000

11) mdis!_callthreadstartex + 23 bytes

Source: threadex.c ( Line: 348 )

SFrame: IP:0000000140b3dc7f RA:0000000140b3dd33 FP:000000000359ff40 SP:000000000359ff20

Params: 01:0000000000bf40c0 02:0000000000000000 03:0000000140b3dc94 04:0000000000000000

12) mdis!_threadstartex + 159 bytes

Source: threadex.c ( Line: 326 )

SFrame: IP:0000000140b3dd33 RA:0000000077d6b71a FP:000000000359ff70 SP:000000000359ff50

Params: 01:0000000077d6b6e0 02:0000000000000000 03:0000000000000000 04:000000000359ffa8

13) kernel32!BaseThreadStart + 58 bytes

SFrame: IP:0000000077d6b71a RA:0000000000000000 FP:000000000359ffa0 SP:000000000359ff80

Params: 01:0000000000000000 02:0000000000000000 03:0000000000000000 04:0000000000000000


2012-01-16T09:17:05.569,5484 ,26,"Application is exiting because of a previously reported Win32 exception.",Background_Thread@Unidentified,SEHTranslator.cpp,167,,,,,,,,

Can somebody help me to troubleshoot this.



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4 Answers

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    Former Member
    Jan 16, 2012 at 09:42 AM

    Hi Deepak,

    Its an import exception .Your source record must be having some unconverted value.

    Try to open Import manager and select Type as Port ->select the remote system->In Port u will get Import Exception(folder) select it and connect .

    This will open the corresponding map attached with the port .Go to import status you will get the cause of the error.

    Rectify and Import.

    Please revert back if you find any diffculty.


    Neethu Joy

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    Former Member
    Jan 16, 2012 at 09:45 AM


    Your record must have gone in exception folder due to some error in record. Find out that record from exception folder & manualy import that record throgh import manager. You will find the error in 'Import status' tab. Fix the error & import it.



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    Former Member
    Jan 16, 2012 at 11:00 AM


    In MDM we have 3 kinds of exception, import, value and structural for every port.

    If you have access to MDM's distribution folder, you can access the folder and find the exception and try to manually import the file, through import manager, this access is through FTP.

    As your error stated, you have an Import exception, this generally happens when an records is in workflow and same records is imported again.

    Copy the file on local desktop, and try to import the file using import manager.

    you may refer the MDM import manager guide for the details steps.



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    Former Member
    Jan 16, 2012 at 12:10 PM


    There are different ways to check error message whenever import fails. I am listing the various procedures below:

    1) You need to Open Import Manager. Then Choose Type as Port, Remote System and Select Port - Name(Exception).

    Then it will open the linked Map automatically. Goto Import Status Tab and check if some error is shown there. You need to correct that error and then import the file.

    2) Goto Console. Load Import Server in Auxiliary Servers. Click on Log table. Select the date and time on which import failed and see the error message in the logs. There could be Format error or Data error in your file and hence import would have failed.

    3) If you have authorization to access FTP folders for Ports, then goto Exception Folder of the Port, Copy the file on desktop, then open file in Import Manager and open concerned map and analyze error message in Import Staus.

    4) Open FTP folder for Port. Open Log Folder in the Port and copy the files onto desktop.

    Open those files in Excel and you can find out the step where Imports have failed and also you can see the error message there.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Ankush Bhardwaj

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    • Former Member


      The Log clearly states that the function GetDecimalPlaces() is being called for an incompatible type.

      This means there may be a value conversion filter used in the import manager which is throwing this error.

      3 operators in value conversion filtes may use this function viz: round, truncate and ceiling.

      please check if you have used any of these operators and on which field they are being called.

      The field type should ideally be integer for this type of function to be called.

      Please revert with ur findings.


      Sagar Dixit.