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Jan 14, 2012 at 02:28 PM

HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA: Not Able to Create a New Hire Employee


I am trying to create a new hire employee. To do this, I use FM HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA.

The requirement is to create new employee with data for IT0000 (Actions), IT0001 (Org Management) & IT0002 (Personal Data) only.

The FM is not working and the given error is "Fill in all required entry fields". When I use parameter DIALOG_MODE = 1 (stop on error), SAP stops on the infotype 0006 screen and prompts me to enter the required fields. The problem is I do not want to create employee data on infotype 0006 and the following screens after that. My intention is to create employee

data for infotype 0000, 0001 & 0002 only.

Any idea on the workaround for the problem above?

Filled the proposed_values tables with following fields:

  • IT0000 ***





  • IT0001 ***







  • IT0002 ***


















pernr = p_pernr

massn = '01'

actio = 'INS'

tclas = 'A'

begda = p_begda

endda = p_endda

*objps =

seqnr = '000'

*sprps =

*subty =

werks = 'US01'

persg = '1'

persk = 'EC'

plans = '00042933'

dialog_mode = '1'

luw_mode = '1'

no_existence_check = 'X'

*no_enqueue = 'X'


return = lt_bapireturn

return1 = lt_bapireturn1


proposed_values = lt_value.