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Dec 22, 2016 at 03:29 PM

Need technical feasibility for IDB


Hi Guys,

Functionally, Creating the BATCH split in VL32N and do the partial GR for BATCH split line item in MIGO.

I need the to do the same technically.

For Example:

  • IBD has 10qty for posnr 5
  • Pass the BATCH split details via IDOC like posnr 900001 qty is 1
  • now creating the BATCH split
  • do the PGR
  • if we goto VL33N, the POSNR 10, qty should be 9 and POSNR 900001 qty should be 1 and Total goods movement status is 'B'.

What FM use in IDOC message type for batch split and How to do the MIGO functionality.

Thanks with Regards,

Vallamuthu M.