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Apr 28, 2005 at 12:33 PM

SAP Portal



We are are using EP5 SP5 running ITS 6.20 to access some transactions via tabs in the portal. using single sign on allowing user to sign into the PC and run the portal and transactions without logging in.

As a user clicks on a different portal tabs which are different transactions the session remains in SM04 on SAP until the SAP R/3 timout occurs which logs the session off. This was not much of an issue untile we introduced a tab in the portal to enter and change Purchase orders. When a user goes to that tab which is an SAP transaction and enters a Purchase Order Number and starts modifying it and then clicks on another tab without saving it, it locks the purchase order until the SM04 session is ended in SM04.

I am wondering how can I limit the system to use one SM04 session only per user rather than a session each time they click on another tab. So each time they click on another tab the session is ended and a new one is started. I work as a Recruitment Maanager for a company in UAE and so this issue was raised by a SAP Portal Developer.