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Jan 12, 2012 at 05:04 PM

Borland C++ - RFC_INVALID_PARAMETERS - Unicode Problem?



we use the Borland C++ IDE for some interfaces with "legacy" programs.

We tried to call an RFC to SAP System, and followed the instructions to download and install sapnwrfc.dll described in the respective notes (e.g. 1097997 - SAP NW RFC SDK auf system i installieren)

When calling the System-Login (RfcOpenConnection) we always get a RFC_INVALID_PARAMETER error.

In this thread I found the hint that it could be a UNICODE Problem.

So we tried to check the cU Makro which is used in sapuc.h.

 * sapuc.h  -  character constants and string constants
#define cNtoS(par)      cNtoS_HELP( par )
#define cNtoS_HELP(par) #par

#define cR(par)         par

#ifndef SAPwithUNICODE
  #define cU(par)       par
  #define iU(par)       par

#else /* SAPwithUNICODE */
  #define cU(par)         cU16(par)
  #define iU(par)         iU16(par)


But this macro seems not to work with the Borland C++.

When we try to add the parameters described in note: Hinweis 1056696 - RFC-Programme kompilieren und mit SAP NW RFC SDK verknüpfen, like SAPwithUNICODE to the compiler, the programm won't be compiled and several errors occur.

Can someone tell me what to do or does anybody know if the Borland C++ compiler cannot be used with the sapnwrfc.dll.

Is there a workaround?

Best regards

Volker Ritzau

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