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Jan 11, 2012 at 09:42 PM

No flexibility to use diff RFX templates during the RFQ-->RFx integration?



I know for a fact that we can only use one RFx template during the RFQ --> RFx process integration. This RFx template is tied to the Integration Configuration Document.

Current customer has different Group functions such as Nuclear, Corp etc. Document security templates on RFx events need to be set such that an RFx created by a user in Nuclear Group function should not be visible to users in Corp.

This can be realised using Document security templates defined by Doc Type. But the issue is that RFQ's created in ECC can only use this one RFx Template associated to a specific type.

Are there any plans in future releases to make this more flexible and not tie all the RFQ's to a single RFx template?

Due to this restriction additional scripts need to be written to ensure code of conduct in the Sourcing app.