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Jan 11, 2012 at 04:49 PM

DQM and KNVK entries in break key table /FLDQ/AD_MTCCODE


We're using DQM (v12.1.3?) in ECC 6.0 for customer postal validation and duplicate check. We've run the DQM initialization program /FLDQ/RSADRINI in order to populate the break key table /FLDQ/AD_MTCCODE after our customer conversions. I've noticed in our DEV system that in this table we have 0 records where Applic. table (APPL_TABLE) = KNVK which is for contact persons, while in our QA/PROD system we ~66,000 KNVK break key records. And in QA when I create a new contact person (i.e. new record is put in table KNVK), there is not a KNVK record added to table /FLDQ/AD_MTCCODE. Having KNVK records in the break key table is causing the DQM duplicate check to display customers based on the KNVK contact person home address instead of the KNA1 customer general data address.

I'm trying to understand if there's config somewhere which tells the DQM initialization program /FLDQ/RSADRINI whether or not to add KNVK records to break key table /FLDQ/AD_MTCCODE?

Or if I do find that KNVK records are written to break key table /FLDQ/AD_MTCCODE when a new contact person is created, is there a way within DQM to control which type of Applic. table records are written to the break key table?


Edited by: Brad Schroeter on Jan 11, 2012 5:55 PM