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Jan 11, 2012 at 03:15 PM

BRF+ Derivation rules


Hi All,

Our firm is using BRF+ to manage data quality in SAP MDG (Master Data Governance).

Hence for deriving values of SAP fields based on conditions in MDG, we have taken the decision table approach.

The rule is configured as follows:

"Change the value of context parameter to 'X' after processing the decision table"

MDG successfully changes the value of the context parameter to X upon execution of rule/decision table.

However, my aim is to assign the value X just once after which the end user cannot change the value in MDG, for eg. Y. Since I am using the change functionality, it defaults the value to X even if I change the value to Y in MDG.

Hence I wanted to know if there is any other approach/function that can be used in BRF+ where the derived values are populated just once and can be changed thereafter by the user.

Thanks in advance.