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Apr 27, 2005 at 04:41 PM

Scheduling Agreement : Item Conditions (ME33L)



I am searching for a solution of following problem:

An item within a scheduling agreement can have several prices with related validity timeranges.

item A :

valid from-- -valid until --valid price

01.01.2005-- -31.01.2005 ---50€

01.02.2005-- -31.03.2005 ---49€

01.04.2005-- -30.06.2005 ---30€

My current program has to check the current valid price with an incoming invoice price and this is no problem.

Now it happened that an invoice with invoice date of January had to be posted and it did not work because the current valid price is 30€ but invoice price is 50€.

The new requirement is to determine the valid price at the 'invoice date' and check this one instead of the current valid one.

In which tables can I find these validity periods of conditions and the value? How to determine all conditions related to an agreement item?

This is very confusing me because the technical information of ME33L leads to structure RV13A but no hint to any database-table...

Kind regards

Frank Zoor