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Jan 11, 2012 at 03:46 AM

Handling of BOM when it become absolete


Hello Experts,

I have a business requirement for handling and using BOM.

Business wants set up some threshold or certain qty limit at every alternative BOM level.


Alternative 1-100 qty

Alternative 2-200 Qty

Actually this is not any base qty or component qty, its just a limit set to use proper alternative BOM in production order.

Now, if ongoing production orders or planned order with different qty are in the system after MRP as follows:


Prod order 1- 50

Prod order 2- 50

Prod Order 3 - 100

In above case business want to use alternative 1 i.e 100 qty for first two production order and

for next prod order i.e no. 3 it should switch or use to alternative 2.

Also business demands that when 100 qty from first alternative is finished, then in next MRP run its should choose second alternative for next production order.

I know we can handle selection of alternative by using production version, we can only limit this use wrt lot size and validity dates of the BOM.

How can we handle this selection of choosing alternative BOM when set qty for BOM becomes 0.

Pls suggest your valuable solution and advise.