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Jan 10, 2012 at 12:04 PM

Automatic e-mail transmission issue


Hai Gurus,

Please hep me out with this issue.

We have SCOT configured in our Quality system and the background job SAPCONNECT_INT_SEND is scheduled in a client, for ex say 100. Now we got a requirement that e-mails should not be sent automatically and should be pushed only selectively through SOST in another client, for ex say 700, in the same system. The job SAPCONNECT_INT_SEND is scheduled only in client 100 and not in 700. So, it should not push e-mails from client 700 as it is not scheduled there right?. But, on contrary on this, we are observing e-mails are being pushed automatically in client 700 also. How is this possible, when job is scheduled to run in 100 and not in 700, how it pushes mail from 700. I dont think this job SAPCONNECT_INT_SEND is client independent?

Please let me know your thoughts on it and help me out.