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Jan 10, 2012 at 12:01 PM

Dates Copy From Lead To Opportunity


Hello Expert,

I have a requirement to copy the Lead 'Start Date' to the Opportunity 'Start Date' and the Lead 'End Date' to the Opportunity 'Closing Date'.

I have assigned the standard date profile 'LEAD' to the Lead transaction and the standard date profile 'OPPORT' to the Opportunity transaction.

I have implemented method 'Dates' of badi CRM_COPY_BADI with the following code:

METHOD if_ex_crm_copy_badi~dates.

INCLUDE crm_appointment_types_con.

INCLUDE crm_object_kinds_con.

INCLUDE crm_object_names_con.


DATA: ls_input_field_names TYPE crmt_input_field_names,

ls_item_type TYPE crmc_item_type,

ls_profile TYPE crmt_dates_prf_dyn,

ls_timeruna TYPE timeruna,

lv_rule_id TYPE timeruleid,

lv_copy_rule TYPE crmt_boolean.

FIELD-SYMBOLS: -field_names.



When I create an Opportunity from a Lead using the Follow-Up button, the system go through the method but no result.

Do you have an idea why (I assume this is a problem with the method code) ?

Thanks a lot,