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Apr 27, 2005 at 08:45 AM

How to delete data from ODS connected to other data targets



I have a scenario where data is coming from CRM and R/3.

We have daily upload of delta from these systems.

Due to CRM system being down for 5 days, it couldn't load data from say 20th April to 25 th April. It uploaded the

data successfully for 26th and 27th in all the data targets.

The scenario is that from r/3 ,the data is coming to ODS1 and then to ODS2 and then to infocube 1.

For CRM data is coming to the ODS2 directly and then to info cube 1.

So the data is present in ODS1 for all the dates as there was no problem with R/3.

But the data is present in ODS2 and infocube1 is till 19th and then for 26th to 27th and not for 20th to 25th.

What steps should i do to update data in ODS2 and infocube for the left over dates.All the data uploads from source system is via PSA.

Please advise,

Thanks and regards,